Get involved

Throughout the project members of the public were encouraged to get involved - either by volunteering with the East Sussex County Council rangers, or by joining the partners on a guided walk in either Flanders or East Sussex. The Accessing the Countryside project has now ended however there are still lots of different ways to discover the countryside and help out. 

Guided walks

If you would like to participate in a guided walk in East Sussex or Flanders, you can find details on the Events page.


Volunteering is a great way to explore the countryside, learn new skills and meet new people. There are a range of volunteering opportunities available in East Sussex, including conservation work and maintaining rights of way.
Our countryside management team are available to give you the support you need. To find out more about the kind of work they do, visit our page A day in the life of a ranger.  
You can find details about how to become a volunteer on the East Sussex County Council website