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Developing sustainable countryside management systems

In order for us to carry out sustainable improvements to the environment, we need to have effective countryside management systems in place.

We are developing our existing database software, and purchasing new software, that will record information on path networks and countryside sites within the East Sussex and Flanders regions. This will be used to plan future work and shape policies on sustainable environmental development. It will also give us a way of reporting maintenance issues and problems so that the partnership can maintain an attractive countryside and deal with issues quickly.

We have started work on recording the information that will go on the database. Teams of volunteers and staff in East Sussex have been carrying out easy access audits of countryside sites and rights of way so that they can identify where improvements to access are needed. Similarly, Westtoer, who work closely with volunteers to monitor issues along their network of paths, will benefit from new database software to facilitate this area of work.

Our teams are also conducting biodiversity surveys and studies. These studies will ensure that we can make improvements to the environment while protecting natural habitats and preserving biodiversity. A study into the classification of rural roads in the Oudlandpolder has started.

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