Accessing the Countryside

Accessing the Countryside was a three-year project between partner organisations in England and Flanders (Belgium). The aims of the project were to:
  • improve access to the countryside for a range of different users, including local communities and tourists, and non-traditional users such as young families and the elderly 
  • make physical improvements to the environment to preserve and enhance biodiversity and protect wildlife, for example in coastal habitats. 
To find out more about the partner organisations and their roles in the project, visit our pages about the partners.
The Accessing the Countryside project included three main activities. To find out more about these, follow the links below:

Cross-border activities

Accessing the Countryside offered a unique opportunity for organisations in West Flanders and East Sussex to work together on issues that affect both regions. The project included cross-border activities that enabled staff to work together in a cross-cultural setting. These events included work exchanges and technical seminars between staff and conservation volunteers, so that they could learn from one another and develop a network between the four organisations.
To find out more, visit our events page.

Overview of the project’s achievements

In May 2013, the partners met for the project closure event in East Sussex to share the achievements of the European Union funded project. For more details about the outcomes of the project, take a look at the presentations from the closure event which can be viewed here.