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Provincie West-Vlaanderen

The Provincie West-Vlaanderen is the local authority at intermediary level, positioned between the local and federal-regional authorities. It is responsible for carrying out tasks at three levels:

  • to complete tasks that are above local level
  • to support tasks at the request of another authority
  • to set up cooperation agreements at a regional level.

In addition to our regular operations, we have also developed project operations. This allows us to draw up customised policies that are both experimental and innovative.

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The Province of West-Vlaanderen is the coastal province of Flanders and Belgium. The total area of the province is 314,434 hectares, and it is divided into eight administrative districts (arrondissementen) containing 64 municipalities. The capital of the province is Bruges, which is also the administrative and governmental centre of the province.

The Province of West-Vlaanderen has an extensive rural area, with a large number of country and local roads. Opening up the rural areas by upgrading this network of country roads would give a fair amount of added value to the region for recreational and local use.

Why we are taking part

By increasing accessibility to our rural areas, the Accessing the Countryside project will help people to appreciate the countryside more. They will also be more receptive towards new environmental policies.

Funding from the project will enable us to make a number of investments that otherwise would not be feasible. Most important, however, is the collaborative aspect. Not only will we be collaborating with partners outside the region, but also with partners within our own region.

We expect to learn a lot from our partners. On the one hand we can learn by looking at comparable problems from a different point of view, and on the other hand we can learn a lot about issues we have less expertise in: volunteer work, managing paths and roads using a database.

As a partner, we will share our experience with managing Kustzones (coastal areas), and our expertise in organising road infrastructure.

What we are doing

Activities we will carry out as part of the project include:

  • extension of a digital management system
  • the execution of a function allocation plan for local roads in the Oudlandpolder
  • the reorganisation of nine slow traffic roads in the Oudlandpolder
  • provision of a peripheral infrastructure for the Stroroute, one of the green axis of the province.

For information on upcoming activities, visit our events page.

The preliminary phase of extending the database has been completed and we are starting on the development of a test module. Also the study concerning the function of the local roads in the Oudlandpolder has reached its final phase. 

We have made good progress with regard to the investments in and the work on slow traffic roads in the Oudlandpolder and the Stroroute.